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Mogok Lapar 100

11 orang mencukur rambut di Dataran Merdeka, mendoakan Malaysia yang lebih Bersih, Hijau dan Selamat! Hentikan segala projek-projek memudaratkan!


Photo by:  Himpunan Hijau 2.0: Langkah Lestari

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gold miner moves to sue anti-cyanide group

Raub Australian Gold Mining (RAGM) Sdn Bhd has issued legal notices to two leaders of the Bukit Koman Anti-Cyanide Committee over what it claims to be defamatory remarks made against the company.

NONECommittee vice-chairperson Hue Shieh Lee told Malaysiakini yesterday that she and committee chairperson Wong Kim Hong () had received legal notices from the gold mining company.

According to Hue (right), the notices dated Nov 16 were sent to their home addresses at Bukit Koman New Village in Raub, Pahang.

In the notice received by Hue, RAGM, citing news reports and video clips, states that her claims made in interviews and press conferences held this year were not supported by either independent medical reports or reports provided by government agencies.

The notice says her statements do not reflect the truth and have had an adverse impact on the share price of the parent company on the AIM London Stock Exchange.

NONEIt also states that her allegations had constituted to grave and serious libel against the company in the conduct of its trade and business.

RAGM therefore demanded that Hue retracts her defamatory statements within 48 hours of the receipt of the letter, failing which legal actions would be taken against her.

It also demanded that Hue issues unequivocal apologies to be published in newspapers and online publications of RAGM's choosing.

'If they want to sue us, go ahead'

However, Hue said she would not apologise and stressed that what she and Wong had asserted at various interviews and press conferences were true.

"We are not going to apologise. If they want to sue us, go ahead," she said.

bukit koman mining lake 310107Hue, who currently works and lives with her family in Kuala Lumpur, said she obtained the letter on Tuesday, from her neighbour when she went back to Bukit Koman.

She said the letter was accepted by her neighbour last month, since there was no one at her Bukit Koman home.
Since the 48-hour ultimatum has lapsed, Hue said, she would likely be facing a legal suit initiated by RAGM.

"We will wait and see what action they will take," she added.

When contacted yesterday, RAGM chairperson and chief executive officer Andrew Kam Tai Yeow said he would comment on the matter later.

The company has also filed defamation suits against online news portals Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today.

Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan has vowed to fight the lawsuit.























Monday, September 24, 2012

Can local govt elections protect public interest and the environment?

THREE weeks ago, 10,000 protesters rallied against a gold mine in Raub, Pahang. Separately, indigenous people from Sarawak submitted a petition to the state’s chief minister to oppose the Baram dam on 19 Sept 2012. The next day, activists were protesting in front of rare earth miner Lynas Corp headquarters in Sydney.
From Pahang to Sarawak, local environmental activists are capitalising on the window before the 13th General Election, which must be called by June 2013, to highlight their causes. This weekend, another rally is being planned against a multi-billion ringgit petrochemical project at Pengerang, Johor.
The main entrance to Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd was barred with razor wire on 3 Sept 2012. (All pis by Gan Pei Ling)
The main entrance to Raub Australia Gold Mine Sdn Bhd was barred with razor wire on 2 Sept 2012 (All pix by Gan Pei Ling)
The rise of environmental activism in Malaysia was highlighted in an article in The New York Times. It is unlikely the Malaysian government would be flattered with such coverage. But what could it have done to prevent these protests? What could it have done to secure better public buy-in?
Navigating public consent
One common grouse between the local communities in Raub, Kuantan, Baram and Pengerang is the feeling that they were not properly consulted and informed about the environmental, health and social impact prior to the projects’ approval.
Villagers in Bukit Koman, for instance, did not know that the Department of Environment (DOE) had given the green light to the Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd in 1997. The factory, which uses cyanide to process the ore, is located right next to the Chinese New Village. But the locals only found out about it in 2006 and only got hold of the Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (PEIA) report in 2007.
The villagers filed for a judicial review in 2008 only to have their case thrown out by the High Court in 2009, again by the Court of Appeal in 2011, and most recently by the Federal Court on 6 Sept 2012. The grounds of rejection was that they should have launched court action within 40 days of having knowledge of the PEIA approval. But as policy adviser Yin Shao Loong rightly pointed out in an opinion piece, the residents would have needed more time to look for the help of sympathetic experts to understand the technical report and the project’s impact.
In the case of the rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Kuantan, local residents were also not consulted about the project. The miner was only required to carry out a PEIA instead of a detailed environmental impact assessment (DEIA). The key difference is that the public is able to scrutinise and provide feedback on a DEIA report before the DOE decides to approve or reject it.
Environmentalists have complained before that their views were not taken into account and that flawed DEIA reports have been approved. But I think the public feedback process remains crucial as it allows public access to the documents. It has enabled activists to highlight major gaps in the DEIA to the media, and to further raise public awareness about a project’s problems.
An estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people attended the peaceful rally against the gold mine on 3 Sept 2012.
An estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people attended the peaceful rally against the gold mine
Yin also proposed that consultants be hired by the DOE via a blind fund financed by various developers to carry out DEIAs. Developers should not hire consultants directly, as is the practice now, to prevent a conflict of interest. I second this proposal because the financial independence of consultants would likely increase public faith in the DEIA process.
The case for autonomous local governments
I have wondered if the local authorities of Gebeng, Raub or Pengerang willingly gave planning approval to the developers. If our local governments were truly autonomous, local councillors could have blocked projects deemed to be against public interest.
In Japan, 73 current and retired mayors spoke out against the federal government’s plan to restart two nuclear reactors. The Japanese government reactivated one nuclear reactor on 1 July 2012 despite public protests. But what struck me more was that the elected local officials dared to go against their federal counterparts. Now that is a functioning democracy.
Back in Malaysia, were the local authorities properly briefed about the gold mine in Raub or the petrochemical complex in Pengerang? Or were they pressured to issue the planning approval regardless of their concerns over the environmental and public health impact?
The ultimate aim of development is to improve the people’s lives. But no project should be shoved down people’s throats if the communities affected are staunchly against it. If we could bring back local government elections, councillors could at least be held accountable for giving the nod to the projects without the communities’ knowledge and approval.
Youtsh doing a Gangnam-style dance as a protest at the Raub rally on 3 Sept 2012.
Youths at the rally
Some may argue that it would be chaos if local governments started blocking state and federal development plans. I beg to disagree. If a development project does bring prosperity and a better quality of life to the rakyat, a responsible elected government, at any level, would not want to risk public outrage to sabotage it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ministry to test Bukit Koman folk for contaminants

PUTRAJAYA: The Health Ministry agrees that there is an “abnormal health issue” in Bukit Koman, according to a group campaigning against the use of cyanide in gold mining near the town.

The ministry would conduct a “patch test” on Bukit Koman residents this Monday, said Sherly Hue, who is vice-chairperson of the Ban Cyanide in Gold Mining Committee.

A patch test involves sticking a plaster on the body to check the presence of contaminants.

Hue was speaking today at a press conference following a two-hour meeting involving a delegation from her group and ministry officials.

The meeting was chaired by the director of the ministry’s Disease Control Unit, Dr Chong Chee Keong.

Residents of areas surrounding the Raub Australia Gold Mine in Bukit Koman claim that they are in ill health as a result of the use of cyanide there.

They have challenged the Department of Environment’s approval of a preliminary environmental impact assessment report by the miner, but have lost their case at the Court of Appeal.

Hue said her group was considering appointing their own experts to carry out a joint study with government experts.

“But we’ll wait for the ministry to come up with their protocol before deciding on the matter,” she said.

Hue’s committee will sit with ministry officials for another meeting next month.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cyanide threat mere Pakatan propaganda, says Pahang MB

As all that glitters is not gold, the cyanide 'threat' to residents around Bukit Koman in Raub, brought by the Raub Australia Gold Mining (RAGM) plant, is merely an opposition political agenda.

Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob told the Pahang state assembly the cyanide threat to the residents was no longer an environmental issue.

Rather, it had become political and sensationalised by the opposition, he said.

"The opposition has purposely used the issue as their propaganda. They have learned this from their 'sifu' (teacher), Adolf Hitler (dictatorial leader of World War II Germany's Nazi Party), who believed that the people would believe a lie, if it was frequently repeated.

"The RAGM issue is being played by the opposition just like the Lynas issue. These have become their problems. Politics becomes so ugly when there's a 'ghost' who masterminds the opposition pact's agendas," noted Adnan.

He was explaining the issue during question time at the sitting in Kuantan today.

Replying a supplementary question from Leong Ngah Ngah (DAP-Triang) on the cyanide threat alleged to have cause residents in Bukit Koman to suffer from skin rash, Adnan said the state government had carried out a survey on the matter, with cooperation from experts since 2009.

Earlier, Abdul Rahman Mohamad (BN-Padang Tengku) had also asked for detailed explanation and the exact number of residents who were suffering from skin rash, eye irritation and breathing problems, following the commencement of the RAGM operation.

To this, state local government, environment and health committee chairperson Hoh Khai Mun replied, a survey revealed that only 24.6 per cent of the residents suffered from such conditions.

"Generally, only 12 to 23 percent of them suffer from skin rash, headache (20 to 60 percent), watery eyes (four to 12 percent) and breathing problems (seven to 13 percent).

"The health ministry has adopted a specific approach by conducting a complete and systematic study to find the actual cause of the problems faced by the residents.

"A questionnaire is being prepared and will be distributed to the residents to obtain their direct feedback on the matter," he added.

- Bernama

MB: Isu Cyanide propaganda pembangkang

Menteri Besar Pahang merangkap bekas Ketua Kampung Bukit Koman (2009 - Jul 2012 ), Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob berkata ia bukan masalah alam sekitar sebaliknya isu politik yang sengaja digembar-gemburkan pembangkang.

“Pembangkang sengaja menggunakan isu ini sebagai propaganda mereka. Ini dipelajari pembangkang dari ‘sifu’ mereka Adolf Hitler yang percaya bahawa setiap pembohongan jika diulang, orang

akan percaya.

“Isu RAGM ini seperti juga isu Lynas, dimainkan pembangkang. Perkara ini yang menjadi masalah mereka. Politik menjadi teruk apabila ada ‘hantu-hantu’ yang menjadi dalang merencanakan agenda di sebalik pakatan pembangkang,” katanya.

Ketua Gerakan Ban Cyanide dipanggil siasatan polis kali ke-3

Ketua Gerakan Ban Cyanide Raub (BCAC) En. Wong Kin Hoong sekali lagi dipanggil untuk siasatan polis pada pukul 11:00 pagi ini. Setiausaha BCAC En. Hue Fui How turut dipanggil pada kali ini. Ini adalah kali ke-3 dalam masa 14 hari En. Wong dipanggil untuk siasatan selepas Himpunan Hijau Raub 902.
Sedangkan Ketua Polis Daerah Raub telah pun mengatakan bahawa Himpunan Hijau Raub tu adalah himpunan ya

ng aman, kenapa pula pihak polis ni mengambil tindakan tidak terhenti dan menimbulkan gangguan berterusan kepada mereka yang tidak bersalah tetapi menuntut keadilan?


Tuesday, September 11, 2012



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Friday, September 7, 2012


Pahang Raub Cyanide in Gold Mining issue will be aired tonight at 11:00pm, ASTRO AEC 新闻多看点 [Channel 301] ...Stay tuned!

Million thanks to all donors

Ribuan Terima kasih kepada para penderma

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Sokong murni anda amat kami hargai. Kami tahu bahawa perjuangan mempertahankan kampung halaman kami bukannya keseorangan.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mahkamah Persekutuan tolak rayuan penduduk Bkt Koman

Bukit Koman residents have lost their last legal chance to force the Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd (RAGMS) to conduct a Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA).

This follows the Federal Court’s dismissal of their appeal to get leave for the case to be heard on its merits at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

bukit koman mining site and wells 310107The five-member bench was led by Court of Appeal president Md Raus Sharif.

Justice Raus, the second-most senior judicial officer in the country, said they had deliberated on the matter and that their finding was unanimous.

“We find no reason to disturb the decision of the courts below and dismiss the appeal.

“We answer the question in the negative.”

The other judges were Federal Court judges Abdull Hamid Embong, Ahmad Ma’arop, Hasan Lah and Zaleha Zahari.
The question was whether a court in determining an application for extension of time to file a leave application, is required to consider the merits of the applicants' case.
Meanwhile, counsel for the residents, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, argued that this was a matter of public interest where the courts below - High Court and Court of Appeal - did not order costs.

Despite this, justice Raus ordered the residents to pay costs of RM15,000.
 Filed out of time
The Bukit Koman residents in Raub had initially failed to obtain leave from the Kuala Lumpur High Court on June 1, 2009 when Justice Lau Bee Lan  had ruled that the residents had filed their application out of time.
Hence the question posed before the court was pertinent to the case for the residents to file an extension of time for their application and have it heard.

On March 21, 2008, Bukit Koman residents led by Wong Kim Hong, Chong Sow Pin, Hue Fui How, and Mustapha Hussin filed their judicial review application at the KL High Court on behalf of the residents, where they named the Department of Environment (DOE) and Raub Gold Mining as the respondents.

The residents are concerned over the alleged use of cyanide in extracting gold leftovers, and they were seeking several declarations namely:
  • They want the court to declare that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report submitted by the mining company to the DOE in 1996 did not comply with certain requirements of the Environment Quality Act;
  • They are also seeking a certiorari order (to quash) the DOE’s approval of the preliminary EIA report;
  • They want a Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) to be ordered on the company;
  • A declaration that the developers must obtain a DEIA before proceeding with gold-mining works; and,
  • The residents also want the court to order the company to cease its operations until a DEIA is made.
The Court of Appeal had upheld the KL High Court’s decision on Aug 3, 2011.

‘Judicial review bid has ended’
RAGMS counsel Cecil Abraham said today’s decision meant that the judicial review application has ended.

NONEThe residents’ counsel, Malik Imtiaz, described the apex court's as "conservative".

“You can look at the Kampung Terentang case in Rawang (with Tenaga Nasional Bhd) and also this case,” he said.

The court, he said, was eventually saying in answering the question that "despite having merits as we have produced, if you are out of time in filing the application then the application is dismissed".

“You can look at the amount of work the residents did trying to get the EIA, which was produced in 1997, and then hire specialists to study it.
NONE"There was a lot of time spent, and we were late in filing it and (as such) they have dismissed it,” said Malik (left).

This, Malik said, was not a progressive judgment, but "despite this we respect the decision".
In his submission Malik pointed out that the EIA report was blatantly insufficient for the residents as the company should have been asked to conduct the DEIA.

He noted that despite claims made by RAGMS counsel that they had put up a notice of the EIA in 1997, the residents found it in only one English daily.
"There was a foul smell in the late afternoons, or evenings and this has caused respiratory problems."
Considering in filing a review
 However, Cecil objected to Malik reading the affidavit, saying that it would be prejudicial to his client and that was filed after the High Court decision.

Asked to comment on the next course of action for the residents, Malik said the residents have the option of filing a review of today's decision.
"That would be entirely up to them. The other option is for the residents to file personal action but that would be difficult as we have to challenge the EIA first which they were doing now," he said.

The Environmental Impact Assessment over the proposed project was undertaken by the company and approved by the Department of Environment in 1997.

However, sometime in 2006 when environmental group Sahabat Alam Malaysia stepped in, the residents received confirmation from the DOE on March 2007 that the project will go on.

Parties are required to file judicial review applications within 40 days of a decision.

The residents tried to look for the EIA report filed in 1997 and only found it on October 2007.

bukit koman gold mining cyanide 010207 lakeMalik had submitted that if the October 2007 date was taken into consideration, the residents were late in filing it within four months of the DOE letter and not 10 years.

“The residents sent the report to a specialist, who found that the project, in using cyanide, may endanger the ground water,” he said.

They filed the judicial review application on March 21, 2008 after getting the expert’s opinion.
 Residents came in two buses

Some 80 Bukit Koman residents arrived as early as 5am in two buses, only to return home dejected seven hours later. They were briefed by their lawyers as to what transpired and what the decision meant.

Chong Pui Han, 34, one of the residents said the residents cannot understand why the court could not rule for them in such a matter of public interest.

"All we are asking is for an extension of time for the matter to be heard properly. Since the company began its project in 2009, some 400 residents complained of health and respiratory problems.

"There are 3,000 residents in Bukit Koman and this is not only affecting Bukit Koman but also the surrounding kampungs nearby," she said

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hearing in Federal Court

A hearing in Federal Court will fall on 6-9-2012 (Thurday), 9:00am at Palace of Justice.

Please come to support us!

• 13 Jan 1997, DoE approved the PEIA submitted by RAGM without the residents’ knowledge.
• 4 Dec 2006, residents learned about the usage of cyanide in the nearby gold mine and formed the “Bukit Koman Action Committee Against the Use of Cyanide in Mining of Gold” (Committee).

• October 2007, after various effort and attempts, the residents finally got hold of the PEIA and appointed experts to review the documents.
• 21 March 2008, the Committee through its lawyers filed an application for leave for judicial review to request among others the following:
a) The setting aside of the approval of the PEIA given on 13-1-1997 by the Director General (DG) of the DoE;
b) The setting aside of the DG’s decision that a Detailed EIA is not necessary;
c) Submission of a fresh DEIA by RAGM including the requirement for public participation.
• 1 June 2009, High Court dismissed the application with no order as to costs on the ground: "The application for leave for judicial review should have been brought within 40 days from the date of the approval of the PEIA or the date the villagers knew about the approval of the PEIA."
• On 3August 2011, the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court decision in holding that the residents were out of time in seeking for leave for judicial review (the decision). The appeal was dismissed with no order as to costs.
• On 7 August 2011, the villagers decided to appeal to the Federal Court.
• On 11 Jan 2012, a three-man Federal Court panel chaired by the Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Tan Sri Richard Malanjum allowed the residents' application for leave to appeal against the High Court's decision. The appeal will be heard by the Federal Court on 6 September 2012.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gold mining company sues Malaysiakini, FMT

Raub Australian Gold Mining (RAGM) Sdn Bhd has initiated legal action against two news portals for defamation, just two days after Himpunan Hijau Raub rally.

The articles published by Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today had damaged its reputation, the company claimed in a press statement issued today.

bukit koman gold mining cyanide 010207 lakeRAGM said allegations that sodium cyanide used for gold extraction was hazardous to Bukit Koman residents are unsubstantiated.

"(These) baseless allegations have led to much confusion to people in and outside Bukit Koman. And on top of that, have caused damage to RAGM's reputation and name.

"We wish to state that we are compliant with all relevant laws and reiterate our commitment to ensure that all necessary safeguards are in place to ensure the safety of our employees, the local community and the environment vis-à-vis our operations.

"This commitment is a longstanding one and the company remains committed to upholding it," the statement says.
'Selective prosecution'

RAGM argued that its plant has operated using sodium cyanide for three years and there has been no report adduced by any medical expert or specialist to prove that their ailments were solely due to the chemical.
Villagers at a press conference on June 21 had revealed a study showing that 78 percent of the residents in the surrounding areas of the gold mine were suffering from health problems, believed to be related to the use of cyanide and other chemicals at the gold mine. 
Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan has vowed to fight the lawsuit.

NONE“This is a case of selective persecution as we have been singled out for legal action when other media organisations have also reported the same issue extensively,” Gan said.

Malaysiakini reported the complaints of the Bukit Koman villagers in good faith, and it is incumbent upon us as journalists to report on such matters of public interest.”

RAGM has named MKini Dotcom Sdn Bhd and three of its journalists as defendants while MToday News Sdn Bhd and one of its journalists have been named as defendants in a separate suit.
On Sunday, a crowd of over 10,000 rallied in Raub to protest the use of cyanide by RAGM.

AJK Himpunan Hijau Raub 902 disiasat polis

Pihak polis mengambil kenyataan daripada 3 AJK Himpunan Hijau Raub 902 hari ini... Polis ingin mendapat penjelasan tentang:

1) Peserta di bawah umur 15 tahun
Pihak penganjur telah berusaha untuk menyampaikan pemberitahuan bahawa peserta di

bawah 15 tahun tidak dibenarkan menyertai himpunan aman ini melalui kenyataan akhbar di media-media utama dan juga media sosial... Pihak penganjur telah menjalankan tanggungjawab kami...
Lagipun, padang itu tempat awam yang selalunya ibubapa membawa kanak-kanak mereka untuk berlari dan bermain di sana... adalah salah bagi ibubapa untuk berbuat demikian?

2) "Perarakan"
Ban Cyanide Action Committee berhajat untuk menyerah memorandum di hadapan pintu lombong emas RAGM pada 902. Sedangkan pihak polis telah memberi jaminan berkali-kali bahawa pihak polis akan membawa wakil PENGURUSAN dari RAGM ke pentas pada pukul 3:30pm untuk penerimaan memorandum (dan RAGM sudah pun bersetuju), pihak penganjur memang setuju dengan cadangan polis dan bersedia memberi kerjasama yang sepenuhnya kepada polis. Akan tetapi, pihak polis telah mungkir janji, tidak membawa wakil pengurusan dari RAGM seperti mana dijanjikan.Barulah pengerusi mula berjalan ke lombong emas untuk penyerahan memorandum. JANJI TIDAK DITEPATI!

Selanjutnya, pihak polis akan mengambil kenyataan daripada 2 orang AJK lagi pada 11:00am, hari ahad ini (9-9-2012).

Rakan-rakan seperjuangan, bersatu kita teguh! Marilah kita berganding bahu dan terus berjuang sampai suara kita kedengaran!

Monday, September 3, 2012

When Green rally became Green march

Rally organisers urge protestors to now march to the goldmine in Bukit Koman since Raub Australia Gold Mining Sdn Bhd failed to send any representatives to receive their protest note.

Previously, the police had announced that the company would send a representative to the rally to receive the note.

The representative was supposed to have arrived at 3.30pm.


RAGM guna 1.1 tan Sodium Cyanide setiap hari!

Syarikat Raub Australian Gold Mine SB (RAGM) mengguna 1.1 tan sodium cyanide SETIAP HARI, ini boleh menyebabkan kematian 5.5juta orang!
Hydrogen Cyanide yang boleh membawa maut pernah dikesan di kawasan perumahan berdekatan dengan lombong emas!
RAGM, jangan sembunyi dalam cengkerang kura-kura,masa untuk berdiri hadapan orang ramai, tunjukkan kepada kita bahawa operasi lombonng emas RAGM adalah SELAMAT!


More than 10,000 at Raub protest: Najib can't even manage Pahang, what more M'sia?

More than 10,000 people began a march from the Raub sports complex in Pahang to the nearby Bukit Koman goldmine they alleged has been using cyanide to the detriment of their health.
The huge size of the crowd, which gathered spontaneously and voluntarily, signals the strength of public unhappiness at the manner in which Prime Minister Najib Razak has been accused of allowing hazardous industries to mushroom, even in his home state.
"The issue here is the use of cyanide and this complaint has been going on since 2007. There are now 2 major hotspots in Pahang that Naib must stand accountable for - the Lynas rare earth refinery and the Bukt Koman goldmine. If he cannot manage his own home state, no wonder the federal government and the economy are going to the dogs," PKR MP for Kuantan Fuziah Salleh told Malaysia Chronicle.
Deaf ears
Raub residents have been opposing the Raub Australia Gold Mining Sdn Bhd since 2007, even before the company began operations, but their lawsuits and appeals to Najib's BN government fell on deaf ears.
Fearing the miner's use of cyanide in its processes would affect their health, they have been organizing various protests culminating in Sunday's rally, where representatives from the goldmine were due to receive their memorandum of complaint.
However, after waiting for hours, no officer from the Raub Australia Gold Mining Sdn Bhd showed up, prompting the crowd to burst through a police cordon and attempt to march about a kilometre to the Buikt Koman mine. About 300 cops were on duty at the Raub sports complex.
Visibly upset and emotional, the crowd shouted 'Ban Cyanide' as they walked. But before they could reach the mine, the police with two junior Raub Australia reps in tow intercepted the organizers at the head of the procession.
The rally leaders agreed to stop the march and disperse the crowd after one copy of the memo was handed over to the reps and another to Raub district police chief Wan Mohd Samsudin Wan Osman for his onward transmission to the mine's president.
“Is it wrong for us to demand green policies? We don't think so. It is the corrupted and incompetent government policies that are wrong,”  said Wong Kin Hoong, head of the Ban Cyanide committee which organized the protest.
Severe skin ailments as Pahang becomes a "dump site"
Many of Raub's residents believe they are suffering ailments as a result of exposure to cyanide-laced fumes from the goldmine. Several 'victims' shared their experiences with the crowd that had begun gathering around 1pm for the latest Himpunan Hijau or Green Rally.
"It has been two years of suffering," said 62-year-old Chin Thian Hee, showing the crowd her bag containing various medication. Another resident Woon Soon Fatt said he had spent RM10,000 on medical expenses for his family of six who have been suffering severe skin problems.
In Gebeng, the residents there with help of 'green' activists have also mounted several huge rallies to pressure Najib's government to reverse its approval for a RM700mil rare earth plant.
PAS environmental bureau chief Zulkifli Mohd Omar, who was also present in Raub, blamed both the Pahang state government led by Adnan Yaakob and Najib's federal government for turning their backs on the Gebeng and Bukit Koman residents.
"Pahang has become a dump site. We have radioactive waste in Gebeng, toxic waste in Raub, and now even Tasik Chini is threatened."
Yen Yen missing in action: Are the people really so dumb?
Meanwhile, Najib's BN coalition have fought back, accusing the Green Rallies of being staged for political motives. MCA MP for Raub Ng Yen Yen was nowhere in sight during the entire afternoon. However, BN workers have put up several banners to criticise the protest.
"Oppose Himpunan Hijau Raub. Do not trouble the people of Raub trying to rest for the weekend," screamed one banner.
At the Himpunan Hijau rally held in Gebeng in May, more than 20,000 people attended. The huge crowds that have turned spontaneously at all the Green Rallies so far is a strong sign of societal change that Najib and BN would do well to take serious note of.
"Malaysians are not only becoming conscious of the environment and their health, but if Najib continues to disregard their worries and concerns and to dismiss these as Opposition ploys, then he is a fool and deserves to be kicked out of the government. When you have crowds like these, it would be very silly and most presumptuous to think that there can so many Malaysians who are dumb enough to be used as political tools by the Pakatan," PKR vice president Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle.

Pesticides cause of ailments, not cyanide, says gold mine

Those who attended the Raub himpunan hijau rally, must read this story on what the gold mine company is doing on that very same day, they are doing PR exercise when we were waiting under the hot sun for their rep to come and receive our mem
orandum! The two media did not report on the rally but publish a big pix of fish feeding pix in the mining site.


While 15,000 people were gathering in Raub to protest against the use of cyanide in gold mining by miner Raub Australian Gold Mining (RAGM) yesterday, the company was having a public relations exercise by bringing members of certain mainstream media to visit the mining site.

The company claimed that the various diseases suffered by Bukit Koman residents were not caused by cyanide but pesticides or fertiliser used in their farming activities.

English daily New Straits Times quoted RAGM site supervisor Chai Kwe Yew as saying that it was only a minority group in the village who had accused the gold extracting facility of polluting the environment and endangering human lives.

Chai also said he was sad that the inaccurate information supplied by the villagers had prompted a response from environmental groups.

Villagers of Bukit Koman, where the mine is located, claimed that nearly 80 percent of the residents in surrounding areas were suffering health problems, which is believed to be related to the use of cyanide by RAGM. However, the Health Ministry says it cannot confirm this.

Yesterday’s rally at Raub was the culmination of five years of protest against the use of cyanide in the gold mine.

However, RAGM safety, health and environmental manager I Gayathri told New Strait Times that it was impossible for the plant to release such hazardous chemicals as the company had adopted stringent safety measures, with the Department of Environment (DOE) making monthly visits to the 120ha gold mine since it opened in February 2009.

“There are two gold mines in Sungai Koyan and Kuala Lipis but the residents there have never complained of any health problems,” she said.

Pond is home to thousands of fish

To back her claim, Gayathri added that a huge pond near the gold is also home to thousands of healthy fish including giant arapaimas.

Berita Harian, a Malay newspaper belonged to the same group which owns New Straits Times, also published a similar report.

It quoted Gayathri as denying the allegation that the gold mine has polluted the river flowing through Bukit Koman.

She explained that the Bukit Koman is located at the upstream while the gold mine is at the downstream, hence it is illogical to make the allegation.

According to her, DOE officers take water sample from the river and underground water sources at the mining site for inspection every month.

RAGM has also appointed external consultant to conduct quality studies to ensure its operation meets the standard set by DOE, said Gayathri.

She added that the gold mine has been operating since 1920s and it is one of the earliest gold mines in the country.

Both dailies published photos showing Gayathri and a man feeding fishes at a nearby river in Bukit Koman and a pond located in the gold mine respectively.

However, both reports did not address villagers’ demands including the request for RAGM to publish a contingency plan for the villagers in case of emergencies, such as accidents to the lorries carrying cyanide or leakage of hazardous chemicals.

Anti-cyanide rally turns into street march

RAUB (Sept 2, 2012): Thousands of anti-cyanide protesters clad in bright shades of green turned their rally into a street march after Raub Australian Gold Mine (RAGM) representatives failed to show up to receive their memorandum.
The sea of green flooded the streets as the protesters made their way to the gold mine from the Jalan Bukit Koman Sports Complex field, waving placards and flags.
Himpunan Hijau Raub (HHR) organising committee chairman Wong Kin Hoong said the organisers waited until 3:30pm for a representative from the mine operators to show up at the rally before mobilising the crowd to move towards the gold mine.
"A representative met us halfway on the road, but he was the chief of security and not a top executive as we had asked for.
"We handed over the memorandum to Raub district police chief Wan Mohd Samsudin Wan Osman, who said he would hand it over to the chairman of the company," Wong told a press conference after the rally ended at around 5pm.
"We are giving RAGM seven days to comply with our demands in the memorandum, failing which we may have another rally," he said.
Anti-cyanide protesters have been opposing the use of cyanide in gold mining for the past six years, claiming that many people have developed skin diseases and respiratory health issues since the mine began operations a decade ago.
"It is time the people stand up and fight; we are not going to give up on this and we will keep coming back until cyanide usage is stopped," Wong said.
HHR vice-chairman Sherly Hue reiterated that the NGO is not against mining or profit-making, but said the people's health must not be compromised in the process.
"We sent invitation letters to Raub MP Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen as well as Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, but they did not show up," she said.
Describing the rally as a success, Hue said: "There were around 15,000 people from all over the country who had come, and we hope this sends a signal to the government to act fairly and in the interest of the people."
The crowd began trickling in before noon to pick shady spots on the open field, and by 2pm some 5,000 people had gathered.
It was a carnival-like atmosphere, and many food stalls had sprung up along the trail leading to the field and free water was being distributed to rally-goers.
More than 10 speakers from various NGOs and political parties spoke during the two-hour rally, calling for an end to the use of cyanide or a full shutdown of the mine, to the cheers and claps of the enthusiastic crowd.
Among those who addressed the crowds were Bersih 2.0 steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah, opposition leader Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Parti Sosialis Malaysia deputy president. M. Sarasvathy, Save Malaysia Stop Lynas chairman Tan Bun Teet, and PAS information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.
Meanwhile, Wan Samsudin said the rally was largely peaceful and the light police presence was in order to direct traffic and maintain order.
"To rally is a guaranteed right of the people under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.
"We will hold a post-mortem analysis with the HHR committee to analyse the rally and identify ways to improve any future public gatherings," he said.
He also said he would forward the protestors' memorandum to RAGM "very soon".

Himpunan Hijau Raub 902

Himpunan Hijau Raub 902...Hari ini akan dicatat dalam sejarah Raub khasnya dan sejarah Malaysia amnya....
Perhimpunan aman ini telah menunjukkan pendirian dan hasrat rakyat terhadap projek-projek yang memudaratkan kesihatan rakyat dan keselamatan alam sekitar...
Inilah kuasa rakyat! Kita mahu suara rakyat kedengaran!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Green flags that will lead you to HHR venue...

1 day to go... Are u ready?
HHR is getting ready to welcome your participation.
When u reach Raub on 902, these small flags will lead u to Padang Milo. Please look for these sign!

Tinggal 1 hari lagi....

Hanya tinggal 1 hari lagi Himpunan Hijau Raub akan berlangsung di Raub!

Himpunan Hijau Raub
Tarikh: 2-9-2012 (Ahad)
Masa: 2-4 petang

Tempat: Padang Kompleks Sukan, Jalan Bukit Koman, Raub (Sebelah Taman Tasik)

1000 hari telah berlalu. Sejak kilang emas Raub Australian Gold Mining SB (RAGM), mula mengguna cyanide untuk mengekstrak emas pada Feb 2009, kami menderita kerana kegatalan kulit, mata berair, masalah sistem pernafasan, batuk, kelesuan dan pening.

Semua rayuan kami kepada pihak berkuasa telah diabaikan. Semua kaedah buli telah dikenakan ke atas kami. Kami berazam untuk membantah penggunaan cyanide dalam perlombongan emas.

Kami bertekad menyelamatkan kampung halaman kami serta memperjuangkan keselamatan generasi muda kami.

Pencemaran tidak mengenal bangsa, agama dan pandangan politik seseorang. Rakyat berhak untuk hidup sihat tanpa pencemaran.

Hadirilah Himpunan Hijau Raub 902!
Suarakan pendirian kita terhadap lombong emas KOTOR!

Datanglah beramai-ramai! Mari kita berganding bahu untuk memperjuangkan alam sekitar yang hijau dan selamat untuk generasi kita yang akan datang.

902, kita jumpa di RAUB!

Buses and cars parking plan

Please share!

Dear all 902 Himpunan Hijau Raub participators, the plan for buses and cars parking place is here attached.
The route from Dataran Raub to Himpunan Hijau Raub venue, and even to RAGM (Dirty gold mine) is clearly shown in the plan supplied by the police.

Kindly print out the plan for easy reference. See you there!

Panduan bagi peserta Himpunan Hijau Raub (劳勿绿色集会参与者指南)

Penting! Panduan bagi peserta Himpunan Hijau Raub (HHR)

Bagi melancarkan perhimpunan ini, pihak penganjur mengeluarkan satu garis panduan yang diharapkan dapat membantu anda dan memastikan perhimpunan ini dapat berjalan dengan lancar dan aman.

Tarikh:            2 September 2012
Masa:              2:00 Petang
 Tempat       Padang Kompleks Sukan Jalan Koman, Raub @ Padang Milo
( Lokasi :

Tuntuan “Himpunan Hijau Raub”  
Hentikan Penggunaan Cyanide dalam Perlombongan Emas, Tutup RAGM dengan Segera-
Kehidupan Diuatmakan, Tolak Emas Kotor!

Perkara yang perlu anda bawa dan sediakan
  1. Kad pengenalan, lesen memandu, satu kad ATM sahaja.
  2. Bawa duit-maksimum RM 100 sahaja.
  3. Memakai pakaian yang sopan-Baju berwarna Hijau - Sebaiknya ada logo Hentikan Cyanide.
  4. Peserta diminta memakai kasut sahaja, selipar dan kasut tumit tinggi tidak digalakkan
  5. Aksesori kempen-Button, riben, topi, kopiah arm band, bendera kecil, banner dan placard yang ada Logo atau Slogan “Hentikan Cyanide/ RAGM” boleh digunakan.
  6. Bendera Malaysia atau negeri masing-masing.
  7. Air mineral, sedikit makanan ringan atau gula-gula.
  8. Tuala kecil dan basah
  9. Jika anda mempunyai asma atau alahan, sila bawa inhaler atau ubat sendiri.
  10. Sila bawa beg plastik sampah kecil bagi mengelakkan anda membuang sampah merata-rata.
  11. Sila bawa pen dan kertas (mini note pad) bagi mencatat nama dan no. pengenalan Polis atau perkara-perkara yang mencurigakan.
  12. Servis kenderaan dan periksa peralatan yang perlu dibawa.
  13. Jangan lupa charge bateri handphone dan kamera.
  14. Pastikan anda datang awal untuk elakkan kesesakan jalan raya. Pastikan anda tahu arah tuju anda iaitu tempat berkumpul yang ditetapkan;
  15.  Sekiranya perjalanan anda dihalang dari memasuki Pekan Raub / tempat berhimpun, anda boleh menghentikan kenderaan serta-merta dan berhimpun di tempat yang ada.  
  16. Pastikan anda telah menunaikan 'hajat' sebelum memasuki perhimpunan.
  17. Bagi muslimat, lakukanlah solat taubat dan hajat, semoga Allah berkati perhimpunan ini dan yang bukan Islam boleh berdoa mengikut kepercayaan masing-masing.
  18.  Jangan lupa bawa kamera, video cam atau handphone berkamera bagi merakamkan suasana himpunan - gambar-gambar atau klip video boleh dihantar kepada penganjur selepas himpunan di emel Setiausaha HHR (

Perkara yang tidak dibenarkan
  1. Jangan bawa kad matrik pelajar, atau pass kakitangan bagi pekerja Kerajaan dan Swasta.
  2. Jangan bawa terlalu banyak wang atau kad kredit untuk elakkan penyeluk saku, tercicir atau kehilangan semasa perhimpunan.
  3. Jangan memakai pakaian yang menjolok mata dan tidak sopan.
  4. Jangan memakai selipar, kasut tumit tinggi atau sandal untuk memudahkan pergerakkan.
  5. Jangan memakai sarong atau skirt, digalakkan memakai seluar panjang.
  6. Jangan bawa sebarang benda tajam kecuali pen.
  7. Jangan bawa bahan-bahan letupan atau mudah terbakar seperti mancis, molotov cocktail dan mercun.
  8. Tidak dibenarkan merokok semasa perhimpunan kerana akan menganggu orang lain.
  9. Jangan bawa sebarang senjata seperti kayu, besi, rantai besi, pistol; dan permainan yang berupa senjata seperti pistol, senapang atau pisau mainan.
  10. Jangan bawa anak-anak yang berumur 15 tahun ke bawah (*Akta Himpunan Aman 2012 menyekatkan bahawa budak yang berumur 15 tahun ke bawah tidak dibenarkan menyertai perhimpunan aman)

Semasa perhimpunan
  1. Berkumpul di tempat pertemuan yang ditetapkan @Padang Milo dan tunggu arahan dari Field Commander
  2. Ikutilah arahan dari Sukarelawan atau Field Commander sepanjang program. Jangan pedulikan arahan lain tanpa merujuk kepada Field Commander atau Sukarelawan.
  3. Jangan berganjak dari tempat perhimpunan melainkan dengan arahan Field Commander.
  4. Laporkan pada Sukarelawan bertugas jika terlihat sesuatu yang mencurigakan.
  5. Raikan perhimpunan ini dengan aman dan harmoni. Jangan tolak menolak sepanjang perhimpunan.
  6. Elakkan mencerca, memaki hamun atau menunjukkan isyarat lucah semasa perhimpunan berlaku.
  7. Pastikan anda memberikan keutamaan, membantu dan melindungi warga emas, orang kurang upaya yang hadir bersama.
  8. Maklumkan sahabat anda jika anda ingin keluar dari perhimpunan disebabkan hal kecemasan atau kerana ingin ke tandas bagi mengelakan masalah lain.
  9. Pastikan anda dapat duduk semasa pimpinan berucap.
  10. Pastikan anda tidak bersembang semasa pimpinan berucap kerana kemungkinan bunyi sound system akan tenggelam dalam suara puluhan ribu peserta.
  11. Ikutilah laungan pimpinan jika perlu.
  12. Jangan buang sampah merata-rata sepanjang perhimpunan. Masukan dalam beg plastik yang anda bawa / yang disediakan oleh pihak HHR.
  13. Rakamkan suasana himpunan - gambar-gambar atau klip video boleh dihantar kepada penganjur selepas himpunan di emel Setiausaha HHR ( Jika perlu rakamkan sekali wajah-wajah polis yang bertugas atau tragedi-tragedi penting seperti keganasan atau provokasi Polis jika ada.
  14. Hubungi bantuan guaman dan SUARAM jikalau berlakunya penyalahgunaan kuasa dan keganasan polis.
Selepas perhimpunan
  1. Pastikan anda bersurai secara perlahan-lahan dan aman selepas diberikan arahan bersurai.
  2. Jika sahabat atau saudara anda ditahan, jangan terus balik. Dapatkan maklumat di Balai Polis berkaitan untuk bebaskan mereka. Sila hubungi setiausaha HHR atau Bantuan Guaman.
  3. Jangan tinggalkan apa-apa sampah ditempat perhimpunan. Pastikan semuanya dibuang ke tong sampah yang disediakan atau dibawa balik dan dibuang dirumah.
  4. Ucapkan terima kasih kepada pasukan Keselamatan bertugas jika perhimpunan berjalan lancar.
  5. Jangan lupa sebarkan gambar dan berita perhimpunan kepada semua sahabat-sahabat terutamanya yang tidak hadir. Segala info dan maklumat bolehlah diemelkan kepada penganjur di emel Setiausaha HHR (

Apa anda perlu buat jika kumpulan Anti-HHR buat Provokasi
  1. Jangan pedulikan mereka, diam dan teruskan mengikut arahan Field Commander dan Sukarelawan.
  2. Jangan menyahut provokasi mereka, jangan baling apa-apa, jangan tunjukkan isyarat apa-apa pada mereka. Anggap mereka tidak wujud pada hari berkenaan.
  3. Jangan hampiri mereka.
  4. Jika mereka bertindak agreasif secara tiba-tiba, tahan, jangan pukul tetapi serahkan mereka pada pihak Polis.
  5. Jangan lupa buat laporan Polis terhadap mereka jika anda dicederakan atau diganggu.
  6. Buat rakaman wajah-wajah mereka jika perlu.

Numbor Telefon Yang Penting
A. Bantuan Guaman 
1. Haji Suhaimi Said(019-9882115)
2. Ahmad Nizam Hamid(019-9554246)
3. Sivamalar(016-2259550)
4. Lai Chee Ming(016-9223322)

B. SUARAM – Tahanan Kecemasan 
1. Nalini(019-3758912)
2. Maisarah(012-2187476)
3. Kar Fai(016-3832323)
4. Theva(013-3845740)

C. Bantuan perubatan
Jika berlaku apa-apa, sila memberitahu sukarelawan berdekatan, hubungi talian bebas HHR ataupun Hospital Raub (09-3553333)

D. Talian HHR
013-9192733 (Secretariat HHR), 019-9882863 (Haji Saadon),017-9222453 (Khairudin)


“劳勿绿色集会”诉求:马上关闭肮脏金矿厂- 生命凌驾利益,拒绝污秽黄金!

A. 出席者须携带與准备事项:
1. 身份证、驾驶执照和一张提款卡(ATM card);
2. 避免携带太多现金或穿戴贵重首饰,建议最多携带RM100 现金;
3. 请保持衣着端庄,着绿色衣服/T恤,最好带有 Stop Cyanide 标志 ;
4. 穿上方便行动的包鞋或运动鞋;请勿穿高跟鞋或拖鞋;
5. 配件方面,出席者可携带附有劳勿绿色集会/要求干净环境/反山埃、反公害标语和标志的徽章、头巾、臂章、小旗帜、布条和标语牌;
6. 可携带马来西亚国旗或各自的州旗;
7. 準備矿泉水、简单的食物或糖果以补充体力;
8. 準備面巾、毛巾和帽子防曬抹汗;
9. 别忘了为您的手机和相机充电。
10. 倘若您患有哮喘病或者其他疾病,请自备您所需的药物及呼吸辅助器。
11. 请携带一些小型垃圾袋,并勿随地乱丢垃圾;
12. 检修您的交通工具及检查需带去集会场地的器材与物品。
13. 提早出发,以免遇上交通阻塞,携伴同行,不要单独行动。确保您知道如何到达集会地点,即勞勿青年中心草場@Padang Milo。
14. 倘若您在前往集会地点时遇到路障,被禁止驶入市中心,你可以在泊好车子后就地以无暴力的方式抗议。(请勿单独行事)。
15. 携带笔和小型笔记本,以便在被警方查询的时候记下警员的名字和编号,或者记下任何行迹可疑的人物或事项;
16. 穆斯林在进入集会场地前,确保已“还愿”。穆斯林在集会前请作忏悔及祝福的祷告,祈愿真主保佑集会顺利;非穆斯林则可根据各自的信仰仪式祷告。
17. 请别忘了携带摄影器材,包括:数码相机、录影机、附有摄影功能的手机,以记录集会当天的实况。在此呼吁大家在集会结束后把所拍摄到的相片或视频传送到劳勿绿色集会秘书处电邮。

B. 出席者不被允许的事项:
1. 学生请勿携带学生证;公务员和在私人领域工作的人士请勿携带工作证。
2. 请勿携带信用卡或太多现金,以免在集会或被逮捕时被扒走或丢失。
3. 请不要穿有碍行动的拖鞋、高跟鞋或凉鞋。
4. 请不要穿纱笼或裙装,主办当局鼓励出席者穿裤装出席。
5. 除了笔之外,请勿携带任何尖锐的物品。
6. 请勿携带任何能引爆或易燃物品,如火柴、汽油弹、爆竹等。
7. 集会时禁止吸烟,因为吸烟将对他人造成困扰。
8. 请勿携带任何武器和危险物品,如木条、铁条、铁链、枪械、以武器为造型的玩具如玩具枪、玩具刀等。
9. 请勿携带15岁以下孩童(*2012和平集会法限制15岁以下不能出席)出席,以免造成不便。

C. 集会进行时应注意的事项:
1. 在劳勿青年体育中草场集合,并等候“现场指挥官”的指示。
2. 集会时全程遵从值勤的志工团和“现场指挥官”的指示,在没向“现场指挥官”咨询之前,不要理会其他人的指示。
3. 若发现任何可疑事物,请向值勤的志工团成员报告。
4. 以和平和谐的方式参与这场集会。集会进行期间,切忌互相推挤,不要辱骂、咒骂他人或展示任何不雅手势。
5. 让参与集会的乐龄人士、残障人士和孩童有优先待遇,帮助及保护他们。
6. 倘若您有急事或需要上厕所而必须离开集会地点,通知您的朋友,以免造成不便。
7. 领导人致辞时请不要聊天,因为成千上万出席者说话的声浪会盖过现场的音响。
8. 需要时,请跟着领导人喊口号。
9. 集会时勿乱丢垃圾,把垃圾收进你自备的垃圾袋里。
10. 以相机或摄影机拍下集会的情形,并于集会后将照片或视频传寄给我们,您可透过电邮/电话联络“902劳勿绿色集会”秘书处
11. 情况允许的话,拍下值勤警察的样貌或重要的不幸事件(若有),如警察使用暴力对付集会者或挑衅集会者等。
12. 如发生警方滥权或暴力事件,请联络法律援助和人民之声(SUARAM)热线,并向警方报案。

D. 集会结束后:
1. 在接获集会解散的指示后,请以和平的方式慢慢解散。
2. 若您的朋友或亲人被逮捕,不要直接回家,请向“劳勿绿色集会”秘书处询问相关讯息。
3. 不要在集会场地留下任何垃圾,把所有垃圾丢进垃圾桶,或带回家丢弃。
4. 倘若集会顺利举行,解散时请向值勤的警察道谢。
5. 别忘了与您的所有朋友,特别是没有出席者,分享集会的照片和新闻。所有讯息和资料都可以电邮给劳勿绿色集会秘书处。

E. 面对“劳勿绿色集会”反对者的挑衅时,您该怎么做?
1. 别理会他们,保持沉默,继续遵从“现场指挥官”和志工团的指示。
2. 不要回应他们的挑衅,不要抛掷任何东西,不要对他们做任何手势,当他们不存在。
3. 别靠近他们。
4. 如果他们突然攻击您,请忍耐,别还手,把他们交给警方处置。
5. 如果他们致伤或骚扰您,别忘了报警举报他们。
6. 如有需要,拍下他们的样貌。


1. Haji Suhaimi Said(019-9882115)2. Ahmad Nizam Hamid(019-9554246)3. Sivamalar(016-2259550)4. Lai Chee Ming(016-9223322)

 b. 人民之声(SUARAM)监督团
1. Nalini(019-3758912)2. Maisarah(012-2187476)3. Kar Fai(016-3832323)4. Theva(013-3845740)

c. 医药援助如果发生事故,可通知在场的志工、联络劳勿绿色集会热线或邻近的劳勿医院(09-3553333)。

d. 询问热线任何紧急事故,可联络劳勿绿色集会热线:主线 (013-9192733)Khairudin Chu (017-9222453)Haji Saadon  (019-9882863)

e. 电邮

Important numbers for HHR

HHR 902:
For the Urgent Arrest:
- Please cooperate by providing complete information by SMS and do not spam the lines.
- This phone lines only for arrest or detention. Please keep the lines free for urgent arrest only.
- If you beaten or abuse by the authorities please lodge police report and inform SUARAM.

Other inquiry or emergency, please contact HHR Hotline.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Penduduk dihantui masalah gatal kulit

Woon dan keluarga tinggal berdekatan dengan lombong emas Bukit Koman.

Woon sekeluarga (6 ahli keluarga) mempunyai masalah gatal kulit setengah tahun selepas lombong emas RAGM mula beroperasi pada Feb 2009. Woon pula sering rasa pening kepala, sesak nafas dan kelesuan... Beliau pernah berhenti kerja selama beberapa bulan akibat masalah kesihatan.

Kos rawatan beliau sekeluarga dalam 3 tahun ini melebihi RM10,000. Memandangkan beliau hanya seorang pembaiki motosikal, kos rawatan tinggi ini menjadi satu beban berat yang terpaksa ditanggung olehnya.

Beliau teringin sangat nak pindah ke tempat lain demi masa depan anak-anak kesayangannya tapi keadaan ekonomi tidak mengizinkan...

Adalah pindah dari kampung halaman tersayang merupakan alternatif terakhir untuk mengelakkan diri kita daripada ancaman pencemaran?

TIDAK!!!! Mereka yang tidak beretika dan tidak berperikemanusiaan sahaja yang patut berambus!

Penduduk Raub memohon kehadiran dan sokongan anda ke Himpunan Hijau Raub pada 2hb September, di Padang Kompleks Sukan Raub. Mari kita berganding bahu untuk menyelamatkan generasi muda kita! Jumpa di Raub!

Sembayang Bulan Hantu

Mengikut adat resam Cina, hari ke-13 bulan ke-7 dalam kalendar qamari bergelar Hari Hantu dan bulan ketujuh secara amnya dianggap sebagai Bulan Hantu (鬼月).

Adat biasa yang dijalankan pada bulan ini termasuk menyediakan persembahan makanan secara ritual, pembakaran wang neraka dan bungkusan yang mengandungi kain untuk memberi penghormatan kepada roh-roh leluhur yang menziarah, iaitu sebagai tanda melayan orang yang telah meninggal, seolah-olah mereka masih hidup.

Penduduk-penduduk yang tinggal berhampiran dengan lombong emas RAGM menjalankan sembahan ini di hadapan RAGM setiap tahun untuk memohon supaya diberkati roh leluhur....Berdoa agar lombong emas kehabisan emas, kilang emas kotor dapat ditutup dengan secepat mungkin, barulah penduduk tidak lagi dihantui kekhuatiran, ketakutan dan hidup sihat.

一年一度劳勿澳洲金矿门前祭祀, 祈求亡灵庇佑,金矿黄金化水,矿厂关闭,人民才有好日子过。。。

Thursday, August 30, 2012

1984 Bhopal Disaster

The Bhopal disaster or Bhopal gas tragedy was an industrial disaster that took place at a Union Carbide pesticide plant in the Indian city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. At midnight on 3 December 1984, the plant accidentally released methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas, exposing more than 500,000 people to MIC and other chemicals. The first official immediate death toll was 2,259. The government of Madhya Pra
desh has confirmed a total of 3,787 deaths related to the gas release. Others estimate 8,000-10,000 died within 72 hours and 25,000 have since died from gas-related diseases.

博帕尔事件发生于1984年12月3日凌晨,印度中央邦的博帕尔市(Bhopal)美国联合碳化物(Union Carbide)属下的联合碳化物(印度)有限公司(UCIL),设于博帕尔贫民区附近一所农药厂发生氰化物泄漏事件。当时有二千多名博帕尔贫民区居民即时丧命,后来更有两万人死于这次灾难,二十多世博帕尔居民因而永久残废,现时当地居民的患癌率及儿童夭折率,仍然因这些灾难远比其他印度城市为高。

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raub & Bentong Hotel list

To Dearest 902 HHR Participants, if someone need to stay over night, this is some hotel contacts that we collected:


Raub Hotel List

RATE - RM 120 TO RM 200








019-9183153 ( EN NASIR )


019-9880880 (MR LEE )

013-3999230 ( EN RAHMAN )

No. 1, Jalan Dato' Abdullah
09-3550888 (3 Lines)/ 09-3 559670

Taman Bistari
09-3551111/ 012-9471111

No.46, Bandar Raub Perdana

35&36, Jalan Tan Tiong, Bandar Raub

Bentong Hotel List
1. One World Hotel
No.50-52, jln Ah Peng,28700 Bentong

2. Hotel Kristal Bentong
113, jln chan siang sun, 28700 Bentong

3. Hotel Grand Bentong
No.112, Jln Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong

4. Hotel Kim Ma Wira
Tingkat 2, P34-35,Jln Bentong Maju, Pusat Perniagaan Bentong Maju, 28700 Bentong
09-2232580/ 016-9387223

5. Hotel Bentong Maju
P22-23, jln 2, pusat perniagaan bentong maju, 28700 bentong

6. Milton Hotel
101, jln chui yin, 28700 bentong
09-2224889/ 09-2221766

7. Hotel Soo Chow
78, jalan chui yin, 28700 bentong

Saturday, August 18, 2012

902 Buses from Penang/ Butterworth, Alor Setar and Ipoh/ Kampar - Raub

[Important] Bus seats are available to go to Raub on Sept 2, 2012. Please register yourself if you need transport:

1. Bus Alor Star-Raub-Alor Star
14 seats available
Fares RM 50.00 per pax
Students RM 20.00 per pax
Departure/return time and venue to be confirmed.

2. Bus Penang/Butterworth-Raub-Penang/Butterworth
20 seats available
Fares RM 50.00 per pax
Students RM 20.00 per pax
Departure 5am from Penang.
Arrival 12.00am at Penang.
Venue to be confirmed.

3. Bus Ipoh/Kampar- Raub- Ipoh / Kampar
Vacant seats are not confirmed, dependent on seats in Alor Star and Penang.
Fares RM 40.00 per pax
Students RM 20.00 per pax
Departure/return time and venue to be confirmed.

902 Free bus service/ 902 免费巴士服务


Himpunan Hijau calls all concerned Malaysians support [ Himpunan Hijau Raub ] on 02/09.
For Human Rights & Environmental Justice ! Pls join !
Free busses : Ktn-> Raub provided.
# Pls register ur Name & IC via SMS 016-9432232 ( Connie Chong ) tq!

¤ Ban Cyanide ! Life above profit ! ¤

Friday, August 3, 2012


Perjumpaan Akhbar Himpunan Hijau Raub
Rentak himpunan hijau tidak berhenti lantaran selepas Himpunan Hijau 226 dan Bersih 428, satu lagi himpunan hijau bakal dilangsungkan bagi membantah perlombongan emas di Raub Pahang.

Himpunan Hijau ini dianjurkan oleh Ahli jawatankuasa Antisianida atas sokongan Himpunan Hijau yang menamai himpunan ini sebagai "Himpunan Hijau Raub" yang akan dijalankan di Padang Besar, Raub pada 2hn September ( 902 ).
Menurut penasihatnya Tam Hui Chun, perhimpunan ini dianggarkan seramai 20,000 orang akan menyertainya. 
Yang turut hadir semasa pengumuman ini dibuat adalah wakil-wakil dari PKR iaitu Naib Pengerusi DAP, Chan Kok Wai dan wakil Parti Islam, Zulkifli Mohd Omar yang juga merupakan Pengarah Jabatan Alam Sekitar.
Memandangkan pada 2hb Sept jatuh pada Hari Raya Puasa, maka Zukifli akan mencadangkan kepada Pengerusi Parti Islam Pahang Tuan Ibrahim semoga pada hari tersebut, satu majlis Hari Raya turut diadakan bagi menarik lebih ramai ahli parti untuk mneyertainya. Harapan dengan adanya majlis Hari Raya ini, lebih ramai orang akan hadir untuk menyokongnya.

Chan Kok Wai berharap Himpunan Hijau Raub mampu memperoleh kejayaan seperti Himpunan 226 Kuantan agar dapat memberi tekanan kepada kerajaan bagi memperhentikan segala projek berbahaya.
Di samping itu, himpunan ini bermatlamat untuk menyampaikan mesej tegas kami bahawa bukan 3000 orang penduduk tempatan sahaja yang mengalami ancaman kesihatan, tetapi ramai di antara rakyat seluruh negara  memberi prihatin terhadap isu yang serius ini.

Pihak berkuasa akan menghubungi pihak polis tentang himpunan ini secara formal dan mengikut tatacaranya namun sehingga kini tindakan ini belum dilakukan.

Semoga dengan himpunan hijau ini akan mampu memberi kesan dan mesej yang jelas kepada kerajaan dalam hal melindungi hak rakyat dan bukan semata-mata untuk memajukan negara tetapi kebajikan rakyat dikecualikan.






出席记者会的民联领袖包括行动党副主席陈国伟与伊斯兰党环境局主任祖基菲里(Zulkifli Mohd Omar)都表明,将全力支持“劳勿绿色集会”,同时将动员全国各地的党员出席。

















902 劳勿绿色集会约定你!

Monday, July 30, 2012


 Penyiasatan Polis terhadap penduduk tempatan

Tiga orang polis Daerah Raub mengadakan siasatan di rumah En.Woon Soon Fatt( 36 tahun ) pada 26hb kira-kira pukul 11pagi, iaitu salah seorang penduduk tempatan yang diancam penyakit kulit dipercayai akibat perlombongan emas dengan sianida. Pihak polis mengatakan bahawa mereka menerima laporan tentang 383 orang penduduk tempatan yang menerima temu bual kesihatan,maka mereka perlu membuat siasatan dan berharap Woon Soon Fatt akan mengumumkan semua penduduk lain yang terlibat. Namun En. Woon menolak dengan alasan dia tidak jelas dengan maklumat tentang penduduk berkaitan.

Pihak polis melemparkan soalan-soalan seperti pernakah anda melihat Sianida? Bagaiman rupanya Sianida? Anda tidak pernah melihat sianida, bagaimana anda dapat pastikan penyakit kulit anda disebabkan oleh Sianida? Pekerja di kilang lombong tidak mengalami masalah, mengapa pula anda sekeluarga yang menghadapinya? Perjumpaan akhbar sebelum ini di Kuala Lumpur diatur oleh siapa? Siapa pula yang membela segala bayaran anda? 

Menurut En. Woon, pihak polis cuba memberitahunya agar masalah kesihatan yang dihadapi tiada kaitan dengan Sianida. Mereka juga memberi maklum balas tentang bau yang terbebas adalah daripada bahan racun serangga manakala bintik-bintik kuning adalah akibat perubahan suhu. 

Seorang lagi anggota polis juga mengunjungi rumah Hew Ah Ngiow ( 58tahun), iaitu penduduk Bukit Koman yang juga menghadiri perjumpaan akhbar di Kuala Lumpur tempoh hari itu. Pihak polis menyediakan dua salinan laporan dan perlu ditandatangani oleh mereka berdua.

Berikutan dengan kunjungan polis ke penduduk tempatan ini, Ahli Jawatankuasa Antisianida percaya bahawa tindakan pihak polis ini bertujuan untuk menimbulkan kekeliruan dan seterusnya membawa ancaman psikologi kepada penduduk agar tidak lagi memberi sebarang kenyataan atau lebih kepada konsep" Tutup Mulut"

Pihak kerajaan dan pihak berkaitan mahu penduduk Bukit Koman menunjukkan bukti yang jelas bagi membuktikan masalah kesihatan mereka adalah berpunca daripada Sianida. Walau bagaimanapun, di sebaliknya pihak berkaitan juga tidak dapat menjelaskan isu-isu kesihatan yang dialami oleh penduduk tempatan semenjak operasi kilang emas adalah langsung tiada kaitan dengan perlombongan emas dengan Sianida  

Pihak polis seharusnya melindungi keselamatan rakyat dan bukannya memberi tekanan secara psikologi. Misi Jawatankuasa Antisianida tidak berteraskan politik mahupun antikerajaan, sebaliknya bertujuan untuk mempertahankan hak kebajikan rakyat tempatan.  Dengan itu berharap, pihak kerajaan akan bertindak secara adil dan saksama dengan mengutamakan hakikat tentang ancaman kesihatan akibat Sianida terhadap penduduk.



(36岁)住家进行长达一个小时的盘问。警员声称接获投报,所以得对383名接受健康调查的村民进行调查, 并要求温先生公布所有病患姓名资料, 惟后者以不清楚所有受访者资料为由拒绝。


过 程中,警员除了询问温先生的病情之外, 发问的问题包括: “ 你有看过山埃吗? 山埃是怎样的? ”, “你没见过山埃, 怎能确定皮肤病是由山埃引起?” , “金矿员工都没有健康问题, 怎么你一家六口却有健康问题?” 等. 警员也询及6月20日在吉隆坡隆雪华堂召開的记者招待会是由谁安
排, 为什么温先生要前往, 有没有人付费等.

温先生透露, 警员试图说服他健康问题无关山埃采金, 以”处处传来异味是因为有人喷射农药”,”树叶黄点斑斑是因为气
候变化”来回应他的投诉, 因此他质疑警方立场根本不够中立.

另外, 警员也在现场对另一名有出席隆雪华堂记招的病患邱亚牛(58岁)
进行类似盘问, 较后警方打印两份”口供”要求两人签名.


针对警方上门调查病患事件, 反山埃委员会质疑警方借辞制造白色恐怖, 企图让病患”封口”.

出现超过一种健康问题的症状,包括超过50巴仙的人出现皮肤病状及眼疾,可是至今卫生部或环境部仍未曾对病患进行慰问和治療, 反而由警方介入调查, 用意何在?


警方是保护人民维持治安的执法单位, 委员会希望警方不会再有越权或打压村民的事件发生。反对山埃采金
的宗旨出于保护环境保护生态及下一代的生命健康安全,无关政治亦并非反政府,希望政府和相关单位保持中立, 切切实实的探讨山埃采金带来的祸害以保全村民的健康。


About Me |简介

Kami adalah penduduk yang dilahirkan dan dibesarkan di Bukit Koman, Raub. Sememangnya, kami seharusnya dapat menikmati rahmat yang ditakdirkan, iaitu tinggal dengan aman. Namun, ketenteraman dan kesihatan penduduk tergugat apabila apabila lombong emas yang bersebelahan dengan rumah kediaman kami mengguna Sodium Cyanide dalam perlombongan. Ratusan penduduk mengadu tentang masalah kesihatan dalam tempoh 1 bulan selepas lombong emas mula beroperasi pada Febuari 2009. Kami tidak dapat lagi bertoleransi dengan ancaman ini. Untuk menjamin keselamatan ahli keluarga tersayang dan masa depan generasi kami yang akan datang, kami sanggup melakukan apa sahaja demi mempertahankan keamanan dan keselamatan kampung halaman kami. 我们是在劳勿武吉公满土生土长数十年的普通居民。本已到了知天命之年,奈何眼见挚爱的家园因为山埃的入侵,面临沦为“毒村”的致命威胁,我们决定站出来,抗战到底!为了我们爱惜的家人,为了我们的下一代,背水一战,决不妥协! Facebook: