Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RBKACC meeting with MCA leaders Reaching preliminary undertaking pertaining to the issues on RAGM operation in BK

Subsequent to the submission of a memorandum - oppositing the use of cyanide in gold mining - to the leaders of both the ruling and opposition parties at Parliament last week, the Pahang Raub Anti Cyanide Gold Mining Committee (the Committee) had, through a special arrangement, met up with the MCA top leaders at Raub on 1st July 2012, to discuss face-to-face on issues relating to the use of Carbon-In-Leaching (CIL) processing plant to extract gold, now deployed by Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd(RAGM) in Bukit Koman, in terms of the danger it might caused and the fact that health conditions of the villagers are detoriating since its operation.

The closed door meeting took approximately 1 hour and both parties have reached a preliminary understanding in relation to it.

The meeting was attended by members of the Pahang Raub Anti Cyanide Gold Mining Committee (the Committee) : Committee Chairman Wong Kin Hoong,  Vice Chairman Sherly Hue , Secretary Hue Fui How, Committee Member Chong Pui Har, Advisor  Tang Ah Chai, Tan Hui Chun etc. MCA was represented by their top leaders, including MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, Deputy President and Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, Chairman of Wanita MCA, Malaysian Minister of Tourism and Member of the Malaysian Parliament for Raub Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen. In addition, MCA also invited a member of Malaysian Chamber Of Mines, Mr Sia Hok Kiang to be present.

The Pahang Raub Anti Cyanide Gold Mining Committee handed over a memorandum to the three MCA top leaders, which puts forwards four demands, namely:

1.         To issue a stop work order immediately to all ongoing mining, extraction and processing activities at the RAGM premises located at Bukit Koman, Raub pending a comprehensive investigation to be conduct by an independent panel of experts.  The stop work order is essential following numerous complaints by local residents and the failure of RAGM to respond promptly to queries on the presence of chemical-like odour since RAGM started operation in February 2009;

2.         To conduct an immediate and comprehensive health screening to all residents living within a 3km radius from the boundary of the RAGM facilities and other residents suspected suffering from the symptoms of cyanide poisoning and exposure to all other chemicals.  Residents identified with compromised health conditions should receive medical treatment immediately;

3.         To set up an expert panel whose responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Investigating the sources of reportedly strong cyanide-like odour detected in Bukit Koman village since February 2009;

• Assessing the validity of the claims by RAGM that its mining operations including the use and disposal of cyanide have been conducted in full compliance with all prescribed legislation of Malaysia and other applicable international guidelines;

• Members of the expert panel should consist of appointees from all major stakeholders including the government, RAGM and the JBPMC to ensure the investigation process and findings are impartial and acceptable to all parties.  All findings and progress updates are to be made accessible to the public at all stages of work; and

4.         A new detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) as the PEIA approved in 1996 is completely out of date and does not take into account  the actual impacts caused by the gold mining and extraction facility and the current circumstances.

After nearly one hour of discussion, both parties manage to come to the following preliminary agreements:
1.         The Minister of Health agreed to immediately set up a task force of medical team to conduct a comprehensive health screening for the residents in the vicinity of the gold mining plants/facilities to determine their health status.
2.         To install a air-quality monitoring device in the surrounding areas which function and analyze air samples 24/7, and the representative from both sides must be present while recording the data. In addition, to regularly test the quality of groundwater in the surrounding area, and the data must be publish and make known to the general public on a regular basis and in a transparent manner.
3.         To set up an ad hoc professional team with experts from both sides. Under the coordination of MCA, the team should be given free access to the gold mining plants/facilities to carry out field survey and inspection for the purpose of ensuring that the operations is in strict compliance with laws and regulations in order to safeguard the public health and safety of the people.
4.         To requires RAMG to publish their environmental management plans and readiness for disaster and emergency crisis management, and to train the residents for such emergency and to equip them with the necessary survival skills. (Possible disaster(s) such as the truck accident during the transportation of cyanide, leakage of toxic chemicals, etc.).

MCA will coordinate for the implementation of the above four items, and have committed to do it as soon as possible.
In addition, when probed on his promise (last year) that “…will be funding the engagement of expert by the residents” MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek responded that by saying that MCA had already engaged an experts, Mr. Sia Hok Kiang, and therefore, if the Committee wish to engage other experts, it would be on the Committee’s own expenses, and the MCA will not be providing any funds.

The Committee expressed regret and disappointment over the unwillingness of the MCA president to fulfill his promise.

The Committee is hopeful and looking forward to the meaningful implementation of the above arrangements, with the ultimate goal of achieving a comprehensive solution to the problems and hazards resulting from Carbon-In-Leaching (CIL) processing technology used by RAGM to the people.

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